We Provide IT services to local businesses seeking quality and reliable performance.  
Some of the work we routinely perform are:

Networking: we setup, maintain, and decommission network system.
Cabling & Wiring: to get your IT equipment up and running.  This can be a ground up project, remodel, additions, or improvement to the work place. 
Office Relocation: we remove all you IT equipment from the old location and reinstall in the new location and make sure that your business is up and running. 
Asset Audit: we perform physical audit/ inventory and tagging of all IT equipment.
​Digital Signage: call us for you digital menu and boards, as well as your TV installation.  We will perform all the necessary wiring and mount your digital board. 
Hardware Installation: we install all office technology including, phone systems, IP cameras, work stations, printers, PCs, routers, switches, access points, digital signage and more. 
Site Surveys: are done to assess the environment and your needs a

​World Technology Solutions​

​Call For Free Estimate 209-343-2626

We will warranty our work for 90 days.

We will provide you with options and help you decide what is best for your business. 

We respond to emergencies.

We work with a broad range of industries including: 
General Office
Health Care
Research & Education